Visual Auto­mated Testing

Start with the easiest Test Automation Tool on the Web.

Boost your Software Quality with
End-2-End Tests of your Website

Easy Setup

Testup was created with a focus on usability. You will have your first tests ready in just a few minutes.

Complex Test Scenarios

If you want to test updates on your WooCommerce shop or industrial monitoring service, Testup gets you covered.

Tests without Coding

There is no need for coding. Testup Cloud Service provides a simple visual interface to define and run tests on your WordPress site.

Robust Tests with easy Update​

Our computer vision technology makes sure that changing the position of elements on your webpage does not break your tests.

Passion for Quality

Website Agencies

Maintenance of websites can be painful and time consuming. Testup takes the manual work out of the process. We help you to avoid broken websites with a plugin update in an easy, understandable and applicable way. With Testup you can scale your testing capacity with minimum effort.

Website Developers​

Development of themes and plugins often requires that some other parts of the website stay the same. You can now use Testup and perform automated tests, find issues early and fix quickly.

Blog Owners​

Don’t have your own developer or even an agency? Perform updates yourself and use Testup to verify that your site still works. No coding required.

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