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Use the Easiest and Fastest Testautomation Tool on the Web: is your choice.

Bugs cannot be fully avoided,
catch them as early as possible.

Create testcases up to



Maintain testcases up to



With our fast reports on any upcoming issues you can

roll back changes before disaster

limit the range of suspects

find causes quickly

Start Now with No-Code Automation

Just record how you use the system
and simply replay


Using is so simple, that you don't need developers to setup the tests!
Let them focus on their development tasks.

Start Testing on your Own by Choosing One of our Software Licences


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Get Started with the Easiest Testautomation Tool on the Web

Easy Setup

Testup was created with a focus on usability. You will have your first tests ready in just a few minutes.

Complex Test Scenarios

If you want to test updates on your WooCommerce shop or industrial monitoring service, Testup gets you covered.

Tests without Coding

There is no need for coding. Testup Cloud Service provides a simple visual interface to define and run tests on your WordPress site.

Robust Tests with easy Update​

Our computer vision technology makes sure that changing the position of elements on your webpage does not break your tests.

Are you ready?
Don't waste any time!

You're a bit tight?
TaaS is the Solution

It's No problem if you don’t have the capacity to set up or maintain your test suite.

Testup provides automated testing as a service.

Save 85% of your cost by using instead of hiring a freelancer! Learn more

Just provide us with your challenge and we promise to show you the way!


That's how it works

Your Process is the Key and we integrate Testup into your Setup.


We design test cases together.


Our specialists will automate them with


You integrate the testcases into your CI-CD-pipeline or we schedule them according to your needs.


With the test results you can troubleshoot the failures imediately.

Your Benefits

Clear Cost Control

Bigger Testcovarage for a Smaller Price

Fast Feedback

Time to Improve your Product


Eliminate Bugs before Deploying

Clear Documentation of Defects

Product Owner or Anyone Can Write Tests on his own

Choose One of the TaaS Options and Let Us Set Up Tests for You


  • Get Started with the automation of the first and most important processes.
  • Get quick and immediate results.
  • See how testup works.
  • Get to know us and our way of working.



  • Check your entire application to see if everything works.
  • Get constant monitoring and updating of all your tests
  • Get all your defects documented in your ticketing systems.


  • Turbocharche and optimize your release testing.
  • Get immediate results of any deployment of your application by integrating it into your CICD-pipeline.

*plus statutory VAT if applicable

You didn't Find what You Were Looking For?


  • You have any special needs?
  • On premises hosting
  • Single Sign On
  • etc.
  • Just talk to us!

What are we doing better?


The biggest challenge of full end-to-end test automation is full cross company integration.

With one piece missing, nothing can be tested.

Most of the testing tools are focussing on one stakeholder – mainly the developers. Now brings them all together:

Navigating a test procedure and a test report is like watching images or videos. It works even with hundreds of test steps.

It is so easy to use that everybody can set up tests and monitor their change requests.

Testup is a communication tool that everybody understands. So the different stakeholders speak the same language: Testup!

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Different Use Cases

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