Rapid User Test

Test Concept

Target Group

Age: 18-40

Sex: male & female

further Interests:

  1. You need to use a Chrome browser for this test.
  2. You should have good Englisch language skills.

Start on which website?


Entry scenario

Your boss wants you to check every day on his website if the content is displayed correctly.

You have heard of a software that does this automatically and you would like to use it.


HINT: Follow the test tasks. Should you not be able to go on, you’ll find additional help on the documentation site www.testup.io/documentation.


  1. Go to the website www.testup.io and press the button “Getting started free”.
  2. Register with an email address (you can choose a fake address).
  3. Click the button “Go to App”
  4. Create a new project.
  5. Create a new test and click on the “Edit” button
    URL: https://merchandise.testup.io/
    Dimensions: iPhone 6/7/8
  6. Watch the video. You can open the video in a separate browser window, too (www.testup.io/getting-started)
  1. Check if the brand name “TestUp Merchandize” is visible.
  2. Check if the hamburger menu is visible.
  3. Check if the welcome image is visible.
  4. Click on the magnifying glass.
  5.  Search for “Beanie”.
  6. Swipe a little bit down, in order to see the first item.
  7. Check if the Beanie with logo is visible with the sale indication and a price.
  1. Exit the editor by pressing the “Done”-button. You’ll come to the site with the recordings.
  2. Let the test run by clicking the “Run”-button.
  3. If the test passes, you did a great job!
    If it failed try to fix the test by editing it. 
    Check www.testup.io/documentation if you need help.

Follow-up Questions

  1. Your conclusion: What do you find particularly positive, particularly negative?
    Name three points each.
  2. Did you miss certain features or options? If so, which ones?
  3. Would you recommend the recording tool to others? Why (not)?
  4. How did you get along with the documentation?
  5. What else would you like to tell us?

Well done so far!

Was something unclear?

We have our own Slack workspace for your support, which you are welcome to join.