How does Testup work?

Testing always consists of two phases which rotate. 

Phase 1: Check
Is the website in a state which we want and expect? If everything is correct we can proceed to phase 2.
Phase 2: Inputs to the Website
Inser clicks, swipes and keystrokes.

Phase 1

is a check if the website has the correct state which we want and which we need to procceed with Phase 2.

Phase 2

consists of inputs to the website: Clicks, swipes and keys.

Back to Phase 1

Then, phase 1 starts again, where the software checks if the inputs were successful. If yes, we procceed with the next step.

How do I Use the Technology?

The good thing about Testup is, that you just have to create your test once and then Testup will run the test autonomously as many times and as often as you wish. After every test-run you’ll get feedback if the test run through smoothly or if there are some issues.