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10 Reasons You Can not Develop Software without Manual Testing

Manual testing is executed by an individual clicking through the application or interacting with the software and APIs with the relevant tools. In a software development project, errors can surface in any software development stage, some of them even remain hidden. Hence, the importance of testing software developed before using it. 

Here are 10 Reasons you cannot develop Software without Manual Testing:

1. To Avoid Starting the Development again

Manual Software testing points you to errors and flaws. If you wait and neglect your software’s manual testing, you may have to restart the whole development again. Hence, it is advisable to test your software in its development phase.

2. To Know if the Software is User Friendly

The Scalability of any software depends on how user-friendly it is for the customer and how satisfied they are. Thus, it is necessary to test the software and ensure that errors do not occur before it reaches the clients or end-audience.

3. To Build Customer Trust In Software

When patronizing a product, most customers value the quality of the finished product. A low-quality product can cause customers to lose confidence in you, affecting your business as well. It is crucial to have the software tested properly.

4. To Avoid Additional Expenses

People always trust affordable products that have low maintenance costs and provide accurate and consistent results. A software or application full of errors can generate additional costs, and you can lose your customers.

5. To Know f the Software has Faulty Cryptic Features

No customer accepts a product with faulty hidden features. Hence, it is required to perform a manual software test to avoid a situation where the clients will be the ones to determine the hidden flaws.

6. Your Software will End up as a Waste if you Fail

The software test is crucial to ensure that the software does not become a waste. It can cause both financial and Technical losses. As you know, every brand’s dream is to see their product becoming a success in the industry. Nobody wants their tool to be rejected!

7. Fear of the Unknown and Low Performance

A software with low performance can cloud your brand in the market. People will lose their trust in your services, and your company’s reputation will most definitely suffer. If you put your software on the market without a proper manual test, and the performance is not up to the customer’s expectation, it won’t be easy to convince people that the software or product is good.

8. To Verify all Aspects of the Software

Software Testing allows you to see all aspects of the software. For example, you can check the browser’s compatibility and, if you find an error, you have the option to correct them. I can save you from complaints once the software or application has reached customers.

9. To Determine the Quality of the Software before Marketing

As stated above, the quality of the software is crucial in the world of competitive tech. Before pushing the software to the real world, it should be tested by experts. Sometimes, a small mistake leads to significant loss and affects the reputation of the company. 

10. To Accelerate the Development Phase of the Software

Manual Software testing helps developers find errors and scenarios to reproduce the errors, making it very easy for them to fix them quickly. Also, software testers can work with the development team, accelerating the whole process.


The role of manual testing in software development cannot be overemphasized. An excellent testing suite should try to break your app and help understand its limits while providing you that great breakthrough you need for your software.