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Testing or process automation - we support you in every case

User acceptance tests are usually a manual task for the staff of the respective department. Together with your expertise, we automate the tests you need for a go-live decision. In this way, you free your specialised department from this additional workload and at the same time increase your software quality through automation.

Repetitive tasks accumulate in your company. This tires your employees and errors creep in. We can avoid this by automating these repetitive tasks. In addition, automation enables better utilisation of resources, as employees can focus their time on more demanding tasks. This not only increases productivity, but also employee motivation and satisfaction.


With our all-round carefree package, you can sit back and relax. creates and manages your tests and processes: We take care of everything for you and document all to-dos in your ticketing tool. 

One Central Point of Contact Manages All your Needs

One Dedicated Automation Manager

Communication and coordination are handled by a permanent contact person based in Germany.

Clear Automation Strategy

Our automation managers analyse your needs and derive the automation strategy and plans together with you. This ensures that the automation activities meet your specific requirements.

Direct Communication

You are regularly informed about the progress of the automation process in a comprehensible and meaningful way. In this way, problems can be proactively addressed and solved.

Simple and Efficient Test and Process Creation with

With our unique WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) approach we create readable tests or processes and each test run shows exactly what happened as a series of screenshots that are linked to the action performed.


With We Automate Across Platforms




Remote Machines

Or use
RDP, Citrix or VNC
to access your infrastructure.

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Your Benefits

Manuelle Tests vorhanden

Freeing your Staff in the Specialist Area from Manual Tests

Facilitated Communication between Developers, Testers and Business Managers

Generation of Process Documentation

Test of End-to-End Processes across Different Systems Possible

Fast Response Time

Shortening of Development Times through Fast Feedbacks (CI/CD Integration)

More Cost-Effective and Time-Efficient through Quickly Scalable Up and Down Tests

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