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With Testing-as-a-Service, or TaaS for short, you can sit back and relax and focus on your main tasks, because we take care of everything related to end-to-end testing for you: we create and support your tests and document all defects found in your ticketing tool.


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The Pilot Phase - There Is No Easier Way to Start Testing

The pilot phase is at the beginning of the Testing-as-a-Service project. It does not commit you to anything. Risk-free, you can evaluate in a short time whether and how Testing-as-a-Service can be integrated into your own development process.

During one month we get to know each other and clarify all open questions. We create a first set of tests and start their schedules. 

  • Define and prioritise test cases 
  • Clarify responsibilities
  • Clarify environment and obtain access rights
  • Organise meetings with the respective experts who go through the tests
  • Clarify defect handling
  • Picking up on customer expectations
  • Completion of pilot phase and transition to release phase
  • Compare results with customer expectations
  • Review of the Full-on Test Plan 


  • Experts demonstrate the use case.

  • Test cases are automated.

  • Test cases are reviewed and approved.

  • Test runs are scheduled according to the timetable. 
  • Test cases are started automatically, according to an individually defined schedule 
  • Each test run generates a recording consisting of the screenshots taken one after the other.
  • Check TaaS test cases
  • Check and qualify defects and findings 
  • Monitor full-on test plan continuously
  • Respond to changes in the application

  • Re-prioritisation of the test cases 

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