Success Stories

Triumph in Test Automation:
Discover how our Customers Have Successfully Used demonstrated a deep understanding of Habbie’s challenges, especially with unique features such as SMS codes. The collaboration underlined’s flexibility and agility in developing customised solutions for the client.

Every company should do it. 
If you have a digital service, you will benefit.

Tobias Norén Hallin
Co-founder and CTO
Habbie HealthTech AB

For BOGNER, it is essential to continuously check whether everything in the front end of the online shop is working as planned and whether the customers’ requirements are being met. We handed over the execution of the necessary user acceptance tests (UATs) to

As Testing-as-a-Service frees us from time-consuming manual testing, we can focus on other important tasks such as the further development of our web shop. 

 Helena Müller
Online Shop Content Manager Digital
BOGNER Commerce GmbH

We were looking for a tool that would support us with the SAP implementation. We were immediately impressed by the ease of use, the graphical analyses and the use of functions such as random numbers. 

Thanks to, we were able to overcome challenges that were previously difficult to solve very quickly. It is rare to find such a flexible, universally applicable and cost-effective product.

Michael Tscharmi
Test Expert and Solution Architect for Managed Testing Services
BRUNATA Wärmemesser Hagen GmbH & Co. KG

Previously, the final acceptance of our dashboard data visualisation software was carried out manually with us as the supplier. This took a lot of time with several communication loops. 
Some test cases were already written in Selenium, but this also cost us a lot of programming effort and tied up a lot of resources for maintenance and further development. 

User Acceptance Testing-as-a-Service enabled us to halve the time to market of new features and reduce testing costs by 40%

X-info Wieland Sacher GmbH

As a start-up, we only have limited human and financial resources to set up E2E tests. However, the use of the Uniot web platform must guarantee that all complex processes function flawlessly. 

With, the software and hardware are tested in real time as a single system. This was not possible with other test systems.

Petro Gordiievych
CTO uniot