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QA Bite ::: Use Data to Drive your Tests

I often have the issue that I need to check the same website with different input values. Last time I wanted to check if different product categories in a web shop are displayed properly in the shopping cart. The solution is to use a Google Spreadsheet which contains the different products.

  1. Create a Google Spreadsheet and enter the data you need.
  2. Share the sheet with a link such that everybody with a link is a viewer.

In you shop test, insert the action NAVIGATE_URL and Paste the link of the Google Sheet into this action and play:

  • Use arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate to the first item of the sheet
  • Use <copy> from <Control> group to copy the data to the clipboard
  • Use NAVIGATE_NEXT_TAB to get back to your shop
  • Paste data into the shop
  • Add steps to verify the Shop is ok.