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Users of web applications are becoming more and more demanding. Not only do they constantly demand new features for the programs, they also require error-free use as standard. For them, errors (so-called bugs) and crashes are an absolute nuisance and they often react with incomprehension. This can quickly become an existential problem for companies if dissatisfied users report it in their social networks.

Testup supports software developers in detecting bugs when new applications are programmed or revised. This ensures that applications are only used when they actually work. Such functional tests are usually carried out manually for a wide variety of devices. This is very time-consuming and expensive. Testup offers the possibility to record tests yourself and run them automatically for different devices.

In addition, Testup offers the possibility to entrust non computer scientists with the testing of apps, since Testup is visual and not code-based.

Meet the Team

Stefan Dirns­torfer

Founder & Lead Developer

Andreas Grau

Founder & Manager

Raphael Alte­meyer

Business Development Manager

Petro Gordiie­vych

Software Developer

Jenny Gut

Website, Marketing & Administration

Gene Karasev

Software Developer

Rimma Kimbel

Customer Relations

Hynek Lavicka

Software Developer

Meghana Sudha­kar

Software Developer

Michael Tschar­mi

Product Owner

Yev Vovk

Software Developer

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