About Us

Who Are We?

We are veterans from the early days of the computer revolution. We still remember the time when we could run entire codes in our head and could easily pinpoint any failure to its cause. Time has moved on, we moved on, but we still love code. The new world has made software more exciting to us, not less.

Our experience in the field of software development has crossed our paths with the experts from various fields. We love to work with specialists from various disciplins, such as engineering, finance, health, construction, logistics and more. We think that software should enable you to run the industry. We are here to help.

The software industry has become faster, more competetive, but most importantly it is growing. It has become less reliable, sometimes chaotic and much less predictable. Nonetheless, it remains exciting.

Meet the Team

Stefan Dirns­torfer

Founder & Lead Developer

Andreas Grau

Founder & Manager

Raphael Alte­meyer

Test Automation Expert

Meike Bogmaier

Test Automation Expert

James Brooks

Back Office

Egor Cole

Software Developer

Anton Dmi­tri­evskiy

Senior Test Automation Expert

Petro Gordiie­vych

Software Developer

Natalie Gurbina

Test Automation Expert

Jenny Gut

Marketing & Back Office

Rimma Kimbel

Test Automation Expert

Amer Qarabsa

Software Developer

Christian Jud

VP of Sales

Kirill Sobolev

Software Developer

Otto Mate

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