Test Your Software at Every Commit to the Source Control System

Testup and Zapier allow for an easy integration into any development pipeline.

CI/CD is an approach for frequently delivering apps to customers by involving automation in various stages of app development. It is one of the best practices for development teams to follow and an Agile Methodology best practice that helps developers focus more on meeting business requirements, quality of code, and app security as development steps are automated.


CI stands for Continuous Integration, which emphasizes that new code changes to an app should be built, tested, and merged to the version control repository as often as possible. It eliminates the issue of having too many branches of a developing app that may conflict with each other at some point.

CD stands for Continuous Delivery or/and Continuous Deployment, which are related to each other in concept and can be used interchangeably. It means that all code changes by the developer are automatically bug tested and deployed to a production environment. When using TestUp, tests are triggered after each commit to the master branch using Git, Jenkins, or other Zapier Plugins. CD addresses the issue of operations teams getting overloaded with manual processes, which may cause delays in delivering apps.

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