Automated Testing and CI/CD

The Team behind Testup and its parent company Thetaris has more than a decade of experience in quality improvement of software delivery. Feeling comfortable with small and large team setups, we enabled a rapid increase in software quality in numerous projects. We can do the same for you.

We always put strong emphasis on quality. We thoroughly test and review everything we build. This devotion to accuracy is part of our engineering philosophy. Test planning and test management varies widely with the type of project. Any late discovery of defects always indicates a potential flaw in the process. It starts with a flaw in the software, but ends with a hole in the quality process. We believe that quality can only improve if both holes are fixed with equal attention.

Our main expertise lies in end-to-end front end testing as well as in data driven testing. Front end test automation becomes effective with a deep understanding of machine learning, such that click flows can be trained with the least amount of custom code. We employ image recognition and understanding to extract relevant features.

Once the results become too big for manual inspection and too varied for simple comparison then we come back to our favourite discipline of data analysis and statistics.


Dr. Andreas Grau, Co-Founder and CEO of Thetaris

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Dr. Stefan Dirnstorfer, Co-Founder and COO of Thetaris

As engineers we strive for highest quality standards. We exercise permanent control over a wide range of quality measures. We test running software artefacts, analyse static code for quality and monitor the effectiveness of the overall system. We have experts in software architecture, test automation and test management.

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