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QA Bite ::: Unit test your Applications

Unit testing involves the individual testing of all the components of an application or website to ensure that the application meets its design requirements and behaves as intended. Since unit testing is the most intensive test that can be carried out on an application, it is often disregarded by software developers and considered time-consuming. But is Unit testing still worth the time and effort?

There are many latent benefits of performing Unit testing. It enables developers to make big changes to code quickly and also gives confidence that all units/components work exactly as they should. It also helps in finding problems early in the development cycle and helps with the documentation of coding progress, enabling developers to learn from previous mistakes.

Contrary to popular opinion, unit testing speeds up the development process as it makes it easy for developers to reuse/migrate code components more efficiently as the unit tests of these components can also be migrated as well.

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Andreas Grau

Andreas Grau

Andreas is one of the founders of Testup. With background in Mathematical Finance, Computer Science and Engineering and many years of practical experience of business administration, he enables interdisciplinary solutions of hard practical problems.

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