Test an Android App

Testing your own Android or iOS app requires to create a test with a mobile device and adding a reference to the uploaded file.

Upload file

  1. Get your <API Key> from Profile Page (Details)
  2. Go to your developer console and create an APK, call it e.g. “app-release.apk”:
    After your app is built, either via Android Studio or by running the command ./gradlew assembleDebug in your project directory, look in <project-name>/<module-name>/build/outputs/apk/
  3. Upload APK using the following curl commands
curl "https://app.testup.io/uploader/new?ApiKey=<API_KEY>&platform=android" -F "file=@app-release.apk"

This curl command returns a JSON with <publicKey>.

You can update an existing APK with:

curl "https://app.testup.io/uploader/update/<publicKey>?ApiKey=<API_KEY>&platform=android" -F "file=@app-release.apk"

Create and link test

  1. Create a new Test
  2. Select Mobile System
  3. Select an Android device you need
  4. Insert AppetizeAppPublicKey = <publicKey>

Create your Test

Click “Start Editing” on right of the selected mobile device