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Test Faster, Better and Automatically

Did you hear about automated testing? If no, you have come to the right place. In this article, we are going to discuss software testing, automated testing and a specific automated testing tool called “Testup”.

Let’s begin!

What is software testing

Software testing is the process of verifying whether the actual results of the software meet the expected ones. The actual result is the software as it is developed by developers, and the expected result is the requirements of the client. It does not only mean that the software is running properly but also that the software is displayed correctly. Further, software testing helps testers to identify errors, missing requirements, and unexpected results.

Without proper software testing, the software may be no longer valid and may cause lots of problems to the end-user, he might get annoyed and switch to a different application. Therefore, it is necessary to test the software thoroughly.

Software testing divides into two main groups named manual testing and automated testing. As the name suggested, manual testing executes test cases by a human tester without using any automation while automated testing executes test cases using automation tools.

Further, software testing methods can be grouped based on the “box” approach:

  • Black-box testing – that means that the tester does not have any knowledge of the internal implementation and also does not see the source code of the software. For black-box testing, testers do not need to have programming knowledge. As a result, clients are also involved in this type of testing.
  • White-box testing – that means that the tester has some knowledge of the internal implementation and also sees the source code of the software. For white-box testing, testers need to have programming knowledge.

Why automated testing

There are some limitations of manual testing compared to automated testing such as

  • a high amount of time to complete a test,
  • consumes a lot of human resources, as a tester always need to be present,
  • the scope of the test is limited,
  • no support for performance testing and
  • the possibility of less accurate test results as it may involve human error.

Therefore, automated testing was introduced to overcome the above limitations of manual testing.

What is Testup

Testup is a visual test automation tool to test web applications, and it is one of the easiest test automation tools on the web. It is developed and maintained by Thetaris GmbH, a group of software professionals. Further, Testup is a no-code automation testing tool. Hence, you do not need to write any code to test the software.

Why do we need to use Testup

Testup testing helps to reduce the amount of time required for manual testing dramatically. It also provides an easy transition from a manual test to an automated test using the visual test editor. 

Some automated testing tools require from the users advanced knowledge and experience of test automation. This is one of the biggest advantages of Testup. To use Testup there is no advanced knowledge or experience of test automation required. Learning Testup is easy and intuitive. If needed, a lot of learning resources can be found on the official website of Testup.

Testup can capture more bugs than with manual effort and also capture more bugs before they hit their users. It is also easy to set-up the test environment and takes just a few minutes as Testup is one of the best user-friendly testing tools.

Further, the ability to test complex test scenarios with ease, unlimited interactive test executions and high accuracy of test results are some other benefits of using Testup.

Testup uses the black-box testing approach. Therefore, a user without any coding knowledge can use this testing tool for software testing.

Many WordPress developers face a problem of website crashes after a plugin update. Testup provides an excellent solution for this problem by running a test to see if the website is still working as earlier after a plugin update. Further, if you are a blog owner who is not a web developer, then you can update your website and verify with Testup, if it is working correctly without the help of the developer or agency.

Considering all the above facts, Testup is an ideal automated testing tool for a user who has little or no experience with test automation.

How to perform a Testup testing

Testup has introduced two plans named “standard” plan and “enterprise” plan. The standard plan is a monthly subscription. But the user can subscribe for the 7-day-free-trial first in order to get to know the tool. To get started free with Testup, the user can just sign up here. After that, he can start testing by creating projects and tests.


Testup is an excellent test automation tool for users who have never done test automation. Its wide variety of features enables the user to test the software with ease and obtain accurate test results.

We hope you enjoy this article. Happy Testing!

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