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Why Testup is the Best tool for a QA Team

In this article, we are going to discuss an automated testing tool called Testup. If you have a team for automated testing and dedicated QA engineers and testers, this tool will be much easier to use.

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There are several automated testing tools available in the market such as Selenium, Appium, QMetry Automation Studio, etc. But to use some of the automated testing tools, the user needs some advanced knowledge and experience in automation testing. However, Testup is different from most of the other automated testing tools. 

What is Testup 

Testup is a visual test automated tool to test web applications, and it is one of the easy test automated tools on the web. It was developed and maintained by Thetaris GmbH, a group of software professionals. 

Furthermore Testup automated testing tool uses the black-box testing approach that means the user does not have any knowledge of the internal implementation and also does not see the source code of the software. In short: Testup is an easy to use no-code test automation tool!

Advantages of Testup

Testup automated testing tool helps to overcome the complexity involved in automated testing. Further, it has lots of advantages compared to other automated testing tools. 

Testup can be considered as one of the simple automated testing tools in the IT industry. Testup test environment is easy to set-up and it takes just a few minutes as it is one of the best user-friendly testing tools. The ability to perform testing without writing any programming code helps someone who lacks programming knowledge also to use Testup. 

The visual approach of Testup enables manual testers to step into the role of a QA automation engineer. Learning Testup is easy, and all the required learning resources can be found on the official website of Testup. The visual editor helps to refactor a broken test in a few seconds, and it allows unprecedented speed-ups in the complete development workflow. Further, the readability of tests is unique due to the visual editor of Testup.

Testup can manage hundreds of tests and capture more bugs than possible with manual effort and also capture more bugs before they hit their users. Unlimited interactive test executions, the ability to test complex test scenarios with ease are some other benefits of using Testup.

The unique anchor image technology allows the user to create robust tests. Testup testing helps to reduce the amount of time and human resources required for manual testing dramatically. Accuracy of test results is also high as there is no or little possibility of human error.

Many WordPress developers face a problem of website crashes after a plugin update. Testup provides an excellent solution for this problem by running a test to see if the website is still working as earlier after a plugin update. If the test passes, the developer can update the plugin with confidence. Further, if you are a blog owner who is not a web developer, then you can update your website and verify it is working correctly with Testup without the help of the developer or agency.

Testup is not only beneficial for the individual tester but the team also. It makes communication between team members much easier. Further, all members of the team can easily understand the Testup concept, and there are different aspects of Testup for different roles of the team members. It makes the testing task easy while increasing efficiency and effectiveness of testing.

Considering all the above facts, Testup is an ideal automated testing tool for any type of user who is interested in test automation. 

How to perform a Testup testing

Before creating a project, you need to get a licence. The professional licence costs only 1€ for the first month. Enough time to get to know the software.

After completing the registration process, the user can create a new project and a new test.

Next, the user can record a test to test the software. Recording a test may involve steps such as selecting an anchor area, mouse-clicking, entering text to search input fields or swiping.

Finally, the tester can exit the editor by pressing the “Done” button and click on the “Run” button to run the test.

If the test passes, Congratulations! Otherwise, try to fix the test by editing it. There is a vier, too, that helps you to find the problem.

Visit Testup documentation if you need help.


In a nutshell, Testup is an excellent automated testing tool for any type of tester, from a beginner to an expert. Its wide range of features such as simplicity, user-friendliness and ability to test without coding enables the user to test the software with ease and obtain accurate test results.

We hope you enjoy this article.

Happy Testing!