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SmART City

The Challenge

Ensure stable functionality of the Web Platform in every browser and location

A ‘‘SmartCity’’ is project presented by Uniot company to modernize urban lightning  infrastructure.

The communication between existing ​hardware and ​software is carried out by a Web Platform – an online platform that can be managed in every browser, device and location. 

“As a Start up we are limited in human and financial resources to setup E2E Testing.” , says the Senior Software Engineer Petro Gordiievich. “However, using Uniot Web platform must guarantee that all complex operations work flawlessly.”

Before shifting to Testup, it was extremely time consuming and required highly qualified personnel to write unit tests and scripts, to test manually hardware devices in real time and to support all testing life cycles, especially during active CI/CD phase. 

About the company

Uniot is a Ukrainian innovative company that creates technological solutions that connect infrastructure in the city into a single smart system and help to use it efficiently.

Number of Employees



Wireless data transmission

Testup was used for

Implementation of e2e testing of hardware and software as entire system


Increase test coverage of system under from 50% to 90%

The Solution

Implement to ensure full test coverage and optimize the quality management process.

Testup provided a quick, easy and affordable Solution to improve stability and the quality of the Web platform. “We recorded with Testup a lot of tests in a short time to cover all scenarios that ensures correct state of complex dependencies of the entire system. Software functionality and hardware devices are tested in real time as one system.” says Petro.

Tests are designed for each lightning scenario. They can be executed simultaneously, by schedule and as many times as needed.

Testup provides recordings of test executions so the monitoring becomes more convenient. From any location and device users can compare recorded data with expected data (for ex. power consumption, connected devices, power consumption, supply voltage, etc.)

The Impact

Stable system functionality and easier communication with the customers as a result of reliable E2E testing

With the implemented Solution from Testup, Uniot company benefits in different areas.

Developers don’t have to write lots of unit test. They get visual reports of the executions that are easy to analyze.

Managers save time on executing E2E tests and are able to concentrate on business development and marketing.  Recordings of test executions are also used for presentations. Meetings went smother, more reliable and efficient. The visualisation of the entire process became a key to successful sales. 

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X-info Switch from Selenium to Testup

The Challenge

Create an easy maintainable test suite

Our software is a dashboard to provide data visualization of manufacturing key figures. One of our customers is the leading automotive manufacturers in Munich. Our smart mining solution enables the management to optimize the output of all assembly lines.

Our situation was that we performed manually the final acceptance of our dashboard data visualization software with us as the supplier. This required a lot of time with some communication loops. Some test cases were already written in Selenium, but this also cost us a lot of programming effort and tied up a lot of resources for maintenance and enhancement.

We were looking for a better solution that is faster and easier to maintain.

About the company

Xinfo is developing intelligent software solutions for the systematic improvement of efficiency, maintenance and QM processes.

Number of Employees




Testup was used for

Replace Selenium tests and create a new test suite


Reduced manual regression testing time by 5x

The Solution – Replace Selenium with Testup

Switching from Selenium to Testup made our test suite more flexible and much easier to maintain.

Within 6 months, the Thetaris team set up for us a cloud solution on premise in the customer network and built a test suite for all business functions.

Manage execution delay

Some response times of data analysis reports were a real critical problem for Selenium. Due to the large amount of data, the calculation of some results took longer than a minute. These results were no longer processed by Selenium in time.

Our new solution handles very long response times. During visual object recognition, Testup waits impassively for minutes before evaluating the comparison. Now the automation expert can set timeouts for each assertion easily.

Manage testdata

One of the game changer was to connect a dedicated data snapshot to our test environment. All test case scenarios ran against the same test data source. The test environment was built in a container always before an execution of the test suite started. With this setup all regression tests returned comparable results.

Multiply solution

It was easy to scale the tests to different locations (DE, EN, AUT, CN). Because tests in Testup can be created in modules, we could create robust test chains that could run against different manufacturing sites. Tests also returned comparable results on stage and production. Only one module, the login process, had to be changed, while the following test cases remained stable.

Analyse results

With the automatically generated visual reports, the customer was able to preview existing and new features and provide us with much faster and more detailed feedback early during development.

Maintain testsuite

With the solution found maintaining the test suite became natural. After a short introduction all colleagues could maintain the tests and easily add additional feature tests to the suite.

The Impact

New releases can be done much faster and the communication with the customer became much easier

The solution installed saved us and our customer at least 5 man days for each release.

Since the test cases can be created without coding the developers can now focus on their own tasks while the test can be extended by our designer and our technical writer.

The communication and feedback with our customers became more detailed and project-related as recording summaries can be printed out and presented to the customer for visual inspections:

  • Important requirements were confirmed by our customer right after the tests
  • With the visual test results, all new features of each software release are documented in detail, which increases the confidence in our product among all parties involved

Our customer was happy with the the new test automation solution since they get auto generated visual test reports done by Testup every day. This also improved the communication and feedback between customer’s project management and business lines.