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Robot plays the actions too fast

Sometimes in Editor the Action is executed before the device screen is ready.

1. Check for a visual clue

Make sure you are in mode.

  1. Insert a Check action to make sure the new elements are fully loaded.

2. Insert WAIT command

Make sure you are in mode.

  1. Click on .
  2. Insert waiting time and press [Enter]. The robot will wait before executing the next action.

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How to handle randomly appearing content

Randomly appearing content such as popup windows shows up mostly due to the following reasons: unknown user for a website, deep scrolling or longer time on the webpage. In Editor, mode, you can control the flow depending on weather the pop up appears or not.

Make sure the pop up appears during test creation.

  1. Switch to mode.
  2. Click on .
  3. Draw an anchor area around close button and play it.
  4. Add a conditional jump .
  5. Insert actions to close the popup content.
  6. Add actions below created #Tag to continue your test.

Please notice:

Next time when the popup content would not appear, the Robot will jump directly to the #Tag.