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How to work fast with form fields (Keyboard short cuts)

The key to working efficiently with the Testup editor is using short cuts.

Short cut to [Play it] for mouse clicks is [SPACE]

Short cut to [Play it] for text inputs is [ENTER]

Create a new Text input: Just type the Text

Create a new Key input: Just type the Key

Example: Testup Merchandise

After following the steps in Getting started, you can continue with purchase. You need to fill out the following form:

Bring the cursor to the first form field

The first thing you do is to bring the cursor to the “First name” filed. Select “First name” as an Anchor area and schedule a Click on the input field.

Press [SPACE] on your keyboard, which is the short cut for [Play it]:

Fill in Text Form Fields

Type the “First name” with your keyboard: Type “Barbara” and a new action is created.

Press [ENTER] to execute the action on the device and to perform [Play it].

First name “Barbara” has been inserted.

Press TAB to schedule a key press [TAB] on the system under test which will send the cursor to the next form field.

Type “Mustermann” on your keyboard.

Press [ENTER] to perform [Play it].

Check that Text action has been created and the correct text has been entered to the form field.

Press [TAB] to schedule a key press [TAB] on the Test device which will send the cursor to the next form field.

We do not want to enter a company name. So we send the cursor to the next input:

Press [TAB] to schedule a key press TAB on the Test device which will send the cursor to the next form field.

Fill in drop down menu

Now, we need to select the entry of the drop down menu. Note that drop down menus are different than other input fields and they need to the selected by keyboard entries, only. Use the arrow keys [Up] and [Down] to select the entry you need and confirm with scheduling [ENTER].

In our example, we can also use text to select the correct entry form the drop down menu. Thus,

Type with your keyboard “Switz”

Press [ENTER] to confirm the text.

Press [ENTER] to schedule an [ENTER] click on the system under test and perform [Play it].

Fill the remaining fields

Press [TAB] to schedule and action to send the cursor to the next input field.

Type with your keyboard “Fakestreet”

Press [ENTER] to perform [Play it].

Press [TAB]

Type with your keyboard “8000”

Press [ENTER] to perform [Play it].

Press [TAB]

Type with your keyboard “Faketown”

Press [ENTER] to perform [Play it].

Press [TAB]

Type with your keyboard “0041000000”

Press [ENTER] to perform [Play it].

Press [TAB]

Type with your keyboard “”

Press [ENTER] to perform [Play it].

Press [TAB]

Press [TAB]

Finally you reached the “Place order” button. From the red border you can tell that the cursor is right at the button. So we can click this button by pressing an [ENTER] key and executing it.

Press [ENTER] to schedule an [ENTER] click on Test device and perform [Play it].

Now, we perform the last check by selecting “Order received” as an anchor area.

Now, the Purchase test has been recorded.

Now, we should play the test to see of it works correctly. Press [Done] on the top right of the editor to close it.

Run the test with the robot

Closing the editor brings us to the test detail page, were we can execute the test and change its settings.

Press Play to check if the test runs smoothly.

If the test status turn green, everything was good. If it turns red, the test failed due to a failing anchor area check or a technical error. Then, edit the test and resolve the issue.

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Getting Started

Testup is a visual test automation app. You don’t need any coding skills and we want you to have an easy start with our app.

After registration/login:

  1. Click on
  2. Click on
  3. Click on

In please type in input data for your test case: name of the test, url (address of the website under test) and dimentions. There is a variety of test devices of your choice. Press and start testing!

The Video gives you a short overview of how you can jump-start your website testing with Testup.

The Three Parts of the Editor

On the left side of the editor, you see the browser window of your website you like to test.

On the right, there is the list of checks and inputs.

Anchor Areas

You need to select an anchor area, which indicates that the website is correctly loaded and the next action can be performed.

Anchor areas are easyly recorded by selecting the desired area with the mouse.


By clicking the play button you execute the actrion(s). Then you can select the next area for a check.

If the Testup AI finds all recorded areas on the page, the page is good.

Clicking on a Button

A common command on webites is to perform a search on the site by clicking the search button. 

The precondition for the search is that the search button is visible on the site. To check this you can mark the area with the search button and schedule a click.

Clicking the play button searches the magnifying glass icon and clicks on it. The search input field will then appeare on the left.

Enter Text

If you want to enter text to a input field, you have to check first, ir that input field appeared. If so, you can send text keys to it. 

That means your test checks the search input field by selecting it as an anchor area. Then, you schedule a click and play the action. 

Then you can schedule text input simply by typing the text you want with your keyboard and press the play button. The text appears then in the input field.

Enter Special Keys

Entering special keys works in the same way as entering text. Just press the key and the command is recorded. 

But it is also possible to press one of the special keys in the insert section in the control center.

Pressing the play button will perform the action.

In this test the search results appear. 


In order to see the picture of the first item in full, you need to scroll. 

You can schedule a swipe in the test, just by swiping on the browser screen. 

Then you can check that the item is visible in full.