Change URL, Switch between Tabs

In some cases, it is needed to perform browser actions like navigate to new Tab or directly input a new URL.

Change URL

Make sure the Editor is in mode.

  1. Click on .
  2. Type in a new url with your keyboard (for ex.
  3. Press [Enter] to send the input to the Test device. A new URL will be opened in new Tab.

If you open a new Tab by clicking the link on the test device, a new Tab will be opened by default.

Switch between the Tabs

To switch between previously opened URLs:

Make sure the Editor is in mode.

  1. Click on .
    If you have more then two Tabs, click until you see the needed page. The URLs will switch in rotation as opened.

Please notice

When a new page opens in a new tab, but the current page will not have any reference to it, new Tab will be not opened automatically.
Click    to open link in a new tab .

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