CI-CD Results API

This page lists the API calls that are meant for external integration. Currently there is one endpoint to get information in JSON format.

Also look at Integrate testup into the CICD pipeline, for API calls to start schedules and get response in plain


All calls to our api can be authorized via the ApiKey. You can get this key from your user, or your project settings page. Please check for a description on to get this ApiKey in step one of cicd integration. For following we assume that $TESTUP_APIKEY is set to your key.

To access any REST endpoints you need to set the following header

Authentication: ApiKey-v1 $TESTUP_APIKEY

In curl commands you can set the Header like this:

curl … -H “Authentication: ApiKey-v1 $TESTUP_APIKEY”

Project status

The project status call returns the result of the previous test runs. You can call the following address to the get the current status$PROJECT_ID/results

The following query parameters are possible:

limitNumber of past executions that are included in the response (default 20)
fromDatestart time of the execution list (Iso format: YYYY-mm-DDTHH:MM:SS)
toDateend time of the execution list (Iso format: YYYY-mm-DDTHH:MM:SS)


curl “$PROJECT_ID/results?limit=1” -H “Authorization: ApiKey-v1 $TESTUP_APIKEY”


  "project": {
    "id": 1,
    "name": "Project name"
  "executions": [
      "id": 2,
      "name": "Run by Schedule",
      "startTime": "2023-10-18T16:15:00.239571Z",
      "tests": [
          "id": 3,
          "name": "Test case one",
          "status": "PASSED",
          "failedRecordings": []
          "id": 4,
          "name": "Test case two",
          "status": "PASSED",
          "failedRecordings": []

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