I cannot continue. I get a red button with an exclamation mark in it. What can I do?

The anchor image on the right cannot be found on the browser on the left. This can mainly two reasons. Let’s go through them.

Issue 1: Your website has changed.

A common reason for the exclamation mark is that your website has changed. Thus, the image which we call anchor area cannot be found on the website. Make sure to mark regions on your website which do not change. Animations or written date stamps are common pit falls. Here is a description how you should choose your anchor area. Now click on the red button and select “Retake image”.

Issue 2: You skipped a few steps in the editor

Reset the system under test by chosing “Play to here“.

If the problem persists, you probably have Issue 1 and need to “Retake Image”

Well done so far!

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