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How can I insert a “page-down” command?

Option 1

Just press the key on Editor menu in Insert mode.

Option 2

Just press the key on your keyboard.

Option 3

Just click on the scrolling bar on the Device Screen and then play the action.

Option 4

Just swipe by holding the mouse button down, where the swipe shall start and release the mouse button where the swipe ends. Click on “Play this” to perform the action on the system under test.

There’s a special page just about scrolling.

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I cannot continue. I get a red button [NOT FOUND]. What can I do?

The anchor image cannot be found on the Device screen. This can mainly two reasons. Let’s go through them.

Issue 1: Your website has changed.

A common reason for the is that your website has changed. Thus, the image which we call anchor area cannot be found on the website. Make sure that your anchor area do not change. Animations or written date stamps are common pit falls. Here is a description how you should choose your anchor area. Now click on the red button and select “Retake image”.

Issue 2: You skipped a few steps in the editor

Reset the system under test by choosing “Play to here“.

If the problem stays, you probably have Issue 1 and need to “Retake Image”.

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How can I select an entry of a drop down menu? My click does not work.

In some cases, scheduling a click on a drop down menu entry will always select the first entry. In this case, you need to use the keyboard for selecting the proper entry:

Make the drop down menu active by scheduling a mouse click on it. Run the click.
Schedule <DOWN> until you reach the entry you need.
Schedule <ENTER> for selecting the entry.

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I do not want to interfere with Google Analytics. What can I do?

If you are running in your production environment, the test execution will show up in Google Analytics. The best way to prevent this from happening is to create a filter for our IP address. Here is what you do:

Exclude Testup IP Address From Google Analytics

  1. Login to Google Analytics and select your profile.
  2. Select the Admin menu.
  3. Under Account select All Filters.
  4. Click Add Filter.
  5. Give the filter a name (can be anything, e.g. TestUP IP)
  6. Leave Filter Type as predefined.
  7. It should read: Exclude + traffic from the IP addresses + that are equal to.
  8. Enter the IP address : 

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What IP Addresses Should I Allow Through my Firewall?

In case your device is Browser or Desktop->Linux

In case you like to test within a restricted environment, you need to allow access of our public IP address to your website.

Thus, you should allow the following IPs:

with https, i.e. TCP on port 443

with http, i.e. TCP on port 80

or what you specify in your url.

In case your device is Mobile or Desktop->Windows

We do not provide a static outgoing IP on default. In case you need a custom static outgoing IP, please contact us.