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Navigation in Viewer

In the Viewer you can browse through all screenshots, further referred to as Frames, captured during a test case run.

Make sure you are in a mode.

  1. Click to watch the recording from the beginning till the end.
  2. Click / to control the flow.
  3. Click to find a frame with the failed step.

To navigate in or mode, use scroll bar below the recording and arrows on a frame.

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Open Recording Viewer

The Viewer can be reached from the test detail page.

  1. Click on test case to open the test detail page.
  2. Click on the status of a test run.

If you already executed your tests, the Viewer can be reached from the Execution page.

  1. Open your Project.
  2. Click on Square with a status on the Execution page.

Please Notice

If you see the first frame of the recording.

If you see the frame where the test failed.