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Get notifications for automated run

Make sure you open a schedule that runs automatically.

  1. Open tab “Notifications” .
  2. Check the box “Send Notifications”.
  3. Choose “failed runs” or “every run” in drop down menu.
  4. Check the box “Notify on Slack”.
  5. Insert a unique URL created with Incoming Webhooks in Slack (ex.
    Please notice: you need to open Slack settings to configure Incoming Webhooks in Slack and to create a unique Url. Check Slack installation instructions here

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Using schedules for automated runs

Run your tests automatically

Create a schedule to run one or several tests automatically at a certain time. A schedule can be run hourly, daily or weekly.

Setup a Schedule:

  1. Open an execution page.
  2. Click .
  3. Add tests to your new schedule.
  4. Open a schedule and rename it.
  5. Check the box “Run automatically”.
  6. Enter the time and frequency when Testup should run your tests.